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12/3/13 12:42 pm - ladynorbert - I don't know if anyone still reads this, but just in case...

Today is #GivingTuesday, which is an annual day dedicated to supporting non-profits and being generous.

If you get a chance, stop by my workplace, Ten Thousand Villages at the Lehigh Valley Mall, to help us support the local chapter of Toys For Tots.  TFT nationwide was hit hard by the government shutdown a while ago, so we're spending the day trying to help them get more donations.  Buy or bring a new unwrapped toy for a child in need, and receive a free gift while supplies last.  Enjoy free cookies and meet a local Marine.  Oh, and buy something; we're donating 15% of today's sales revenue to TFT.

Details: http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/calenderevents/view/detail/id/5673/?SID=ecf93h5k2hs7cpctp4tdeqqph4

8/7/13 09:59 pm - ladynorbert - Moving sale

I am moving. But I'm still in the Lehigh Valley.  Anyway, my husband and I are having a yard sale next Saturday, in an attempt to sell some of the things we don't plan to take with us when we go. There's a regular hodge-podge of things for sale - books, collectibles, household items, a few pieces of furniture, stuff for yard and garden, and a number of other goodies.  I don't actually know, off the top of my head, everything that will be available for sale because I haven't gone up into the attic yet.

The sale will be Saturday, August 17th, 8 am to 2 pm (rain or shine and it had better not rain). I live in Catasauqua, right next to the Race Street Baptist Church; leave a comment if you need more specific directions than that. Please pass the word to any yard sale fans you might know. Thanks!

2/27/13 01:26 pm - ladynorbert - Donation drive for Turning Point

Ten Thousand Villages at the Lehigh Valley Mall will be hosting a donation drive for Turning Point of the Lehigh Valley throughout the month of March. Turning Point is the Valley's only non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating domestic violence. Bring your donation of any of the requested things throughout the month, and you'll receive a coupon good for 25% off any full-priced item in the store. (The coupon will be good only at the Lehigh Valley location of Ten Thousand Villages.)

The official kickoff for the drive will be March 8th, International Women's Day. The associates (including me) will be sharing stories of women artisans in developing countries who have experienced domestic upheavals in their own lives. We will be offering free samples of Kusherie, an Egyptian rice and lentil dish, and handing out complimentary papyrus bookmarks while supplies last. These things will only be given out on International Women's Day itself; however, you can bring your donation to the store and receive your coupon at any time during the month of March.

Here's the list of items Turning Point has requested for the drive:
  • Flash drives
  • Diapers
  • Cleaning supplies, especially liquid dish soap and antibacterial wipes
  • Bed pillows
  • Twin-size blankets
  • Battery powered lanterns
  • Children's books (in both English and Spanish)
  • Women's deodorant
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • $3 all-day bus passes
  • Sleepwear for women and children (all sizes)
  • Women's razors
  • Used cell phones
  • Gift cards to grocery stores, Wal-mart, Target, Wawa, or local pharmacies

Please spread the word!

10/28/12 10:57 pm - ladynorbert - Hurricane Sandy

Just a few FYIs to everyone now that Hurricane Sandy is approaching...

  • Find all of the latest school and business closings here. Also, one which is not currently on that list - the Lehigh Valley Mall and Whitehall Mall will both be closed tomorrow, and possibly Tuesday as well. (I can say that because I work there and was notified by management.)
  • The American Red Cross will be opening a shelter starting at noon on Monday at 2121 City Line Road in Bethlehem. Parkland School District's Troxell Building, at 2219 North Cedar Crest Boulevard, will also be serving as a shelter for the duration of the event.
  • The utility companies are expecting many if not most areas to be without power for a few or several days. The rain hasn't started yet and stores are still open. Make sure you have enough food and water for each person (and pet!) in your household to last at least three days. Charge electronics while electricity is still available, and consider filling buckets, pots, and even your bathtub with water. Loss of power may well also mean a loss of heat, so be sure to have a kerosene heater or another alternative heat source.
  • Planet Fitness's Allentown West location says anyone is welcome to come by and use the gym's facilities, even if you're not a member. They don't have a generator, however, so before going over call 610-366-1020 and make sure they have power first.

Be safe, everybody.

9/12/12 03:00 pm - ladynorbert - Come shopping for a cause. Bring pillowcases.

This month, Ten Thousand Villages at the Lehigh Valley Mall is trying to help the people of Haiti:

Bring us your unwanted pillowcases by September 30th and we'll donate them to Lexy's Pockets Full of Sonshine, a project started by a young girl in Lancaster who is sewing dresses from old pillowcases to help make a difference in the lives of young Haitian girls.

Then join us on Thursday, September 27th, from 5 to 8 pm for a Community Shopping Event sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem who is raising funds for their upcoming mission trip to Haiti. Although all of the expenses for their trip have been paid for, they're raising money to help a major rehabilitation hospital in the city of Cap Haitien, which offers programs for things like cholera treatment and disability care.

8/1/12 11:12 am - ladynorbert - Wedding dress for sale

My sister is selling a vintage wedding dress on Craigslist. Anyone who is getting married, or collects vintage clothing, might want to take a look at her listing.


2/4/12 02:57 am - ladynorbert - Community shopping event to benefit Kenyan hospital

Ten Thousand Villages at the Lehigh Valley Mall (outdoor shops, next to Bonefish Grill) will be holding a community shopping event on Thursday, March 8th, from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. 15% of all sales made during those four hours will be donated to the Touching Lives Ministry, which is working to erect a 120-bed hospital in Kenya. Currently, the most urgent need is clean, safe drinking water for the Sanjweru Medical Center site and surrounding community, so the money raised at this event will go toward the cost of drilling the necessary borehole that will provide this water. Refreshments for the event will be provided by Alando's Kenyan Cuisine of Bethlehem.

For more information about the event and this ministry, please visit this website. I work at this store and we're really hoping for a great turnout to help the hospital, so please help us spread the word.

1/13/12 12:18 am - ladynorbert - If you have a Twitter account, please read.

Hannah Bankos is a student at Whitehall-Coplay High School. She has been battling cancer for months, and has now been told she has less than 24 hours to live.

There's a campaign on Twitter to get the hashtag #staystronghannah trending. This isn't going to save her, this isn't going to really accomplish anything. But it'll let her spend her last day feeling loved by the world.

One of the kids from my church youth group is a good friend of Hannah's (which is how I know this is legit), and she's absolutely crushed by the news, so I promised to pass this on to everyone I can think of. Please, Lehigh Valley, retweet this for one of your own.

EDIT: We've received an update from Hannah's mom - the 24 hours part was a mistake, it's not her last day for sure. She is, however, in the pediatric ICU and fighting for her life. The Twitter thing comes about because it was apparently a wish of hers to be trending on Twitter.

12/1/11 01:08 pm - ladynorbert - Food bank night at the Roxy

If you've never been to the Roxy Theatre (Main Street, Northampton), this is the perfect time to go. Next Thursday, December 8th, they will have a one-night showing of The Polar Express. Every year they do this, with a different Christmas movie. Admission is free for everyone, as long as you bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to the Northampton Food Bank. The doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30.

11/16/11 02:24 pm - ladynorbert - Holiday open house

Anyone interested in Pennsylvania Dutch history might want to check out the holiday open house being conducted by the Lynn-Heidelberg Historical Society on Friday, December 2nd. Details can be found here.
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